Mitten State Blade Sharpening Service

The Sharpening Process:
Our sharpening process uses a method known as “Hollow-Grinding”, which is the same sharpened condition as when your blades were factory-new .
To facilitate the hollow grinding method, the grinding wheel has a machined slope to give your blades the correct factory geometry.
We sharpen the comb and cutter as a set to assure you of correct matching of cutting edges.
Our philosophy is to remove a minimal amount of material as is necessary to complete the sharpening process.  This ensures that you get the longest life from your blade set.  The amount of material removed per sharpening is typically 0.001 inches (one thousands of an inch), which is about ½ the thickness of a human hair.
Our sharpening service includes:
1. Disassemble and clean
2. Sharpen
3. Demagnetize   (frees all metal particles so they can be removed)
4. Final Clean
5. Assemble and lubricate
6. Test ; with settings done by gauge-measurement,  NOT by guesswork!
Sharpening Prices:
·         Small blades (such as Oster A5)             $6.00
·         Larger blades (such as sheep clippers)    $7.00

SHIPPING: If you need to ship us your blades, return shipping cost is 3.50 for one set, 1.00 added for each additional set. (A set includes one comb and one cutter blade)

Contact Information:
Mike Morris

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