Monday, May 13, 2019

March and April are Behind Us

Where did March and April go? It is so busy on the farm this time of year, the time just flies by.

We have a great group of lambs this year. 

We also have a larger than usual group of bottle lambs. They are cute but they are a lot of extra work.

We have a few dairy goats on the farm. Sophie just kidded this past week. Triplets! They are the sweetest babies. This one wasn't even two days old and went missing. After thirty minutes of looking we found her behind some boards in the barn. They know how to frazzle your nerves. 

Still working through our fleeces.

 skirt, wash, pick, card...repeat... I am not complaining, I love my job! 

I am excited that we added some felting equipment to our mill! We just have to be able to make batts with the carder, which Mike is working on now. Once that is done, we can start playing around with the Felting table. 

I have managed a little time for knitting. I am working with sock yarn for the first time. I am not going to lie, it is a little tedious and I have almost quit a couple of times, but I am determined to finish at least one pair. The yarn came from a thrift shop, 99 cents a skein.

The weather has been less than ideal. The sheep have spent more time in the barn than I can ever remember. Cold temps and rain are the worst. I am still waiting for the warmer weather to come and stay. 

Hope the sun is shining where you are and you are enjoying your Spring.

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  1. Cute! Yes, they can frazzle our nerves. I've even dreamt I had chickens I forgot about...forgot to water and feed...I've never done that for the record. However, our mind dreams what is wants....


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