Friday, April 19, 2019

Wool and Lambs Everywhere

sweet Mabel

March and April are always a crazy time for us on the farm.

The mill washing facilities get turned back on after a long winter break. Just in time for March shearing. 

We sheared early March, a little earlier than normal.

Romney Fleece

We had nice weather, considering it was March but the sheep were locked up in the barn for a few days due to the cold rain that came after. Without their wool to protect them from the elements, it is necessary. 

With our sheep being such woolies, we like to get the sheep sheared before lambing. We can keep a better eye on the condition of the ewes, that wool hides a lot! We also like that we don't have to worry about babies sucking on wool tags and having to fight to find the ewe's udder. 

We had lambing planned for April, but one nice day in March, Mike was grilling and heard some lamb cries. He knew that didn't sound right, but sure enough, there were two babies in the pasture. So that ram did manage to get into some mischief when he got out for that hour!

 It just happened to my birthday, so birthday present for me :)  Two little Border Leicester ewe lambs. Unfortunately, mama rejected one. We do our best to make it work out where mom takes both, but she was aggressive, so the lamb ended up being in the house for a few days. She is our resident bottle lamb, we named her Mabel, after the matriarch of our flock that we lost a couple years ago. 

The rest of the lambs started coming in April (as planned). We are a couple weeks into lambing now,  the weather has been so so, still a lot of cold rain to contend with, so the lambs are being held hostage in the barn. I hope next week we can let them all loose, it is getting crowded with all of those ewes and their babies.

being born is hard work

It has been a typical lambing season, everyone is tired, the house is a mess, and we can't wait until it is over :)

Some of our new lamb (selfies)

bottle baby #2

One of my favorites, a little BFL ewe lamb

not interested in being with me (mama yelling in the background)

Just a few more weeks and it will be over! 

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