Monday, March 4, 2019

Goodbye February

I am not sad to see February go! It was a rough month as far as winter blues go. Looking forward to Spring after a long winter.

Ice storms, wind storms, losing power, and bitter cold is what I will remember about the winter of  2019! 

-41degrees outside

There were a few things I was grateful for; 

No winter lambs this year! I was glad that we didn't have to worry about lambs being born when it was that cold.

We didn't sell any of our hay last fall, we needed it. The sheep go through so much more hay when it is that cold. It was nice not having to worry about running out.

It was my wedding anniversary, so there was a mini celebration-Thirty years! 

Knitting helps keep me sane during the winter months. I am finishing up my first knitted sweater that I started...well that doesn't matter, what matters is that is is almost finished! (haha)

Handspinning-I finished some BFL top that came with my Sidekick wheel.

Mike spent much of the winter working on his sock machine. There are no YouTube videos, or manuals for these old machines so there is quite a learning curve. He has managed to make some bow socks, working on figuring out how to make a heel, for people socks. It has taken a lot of patience on his part, something I lack! The first pair of socks off the machine will be a huge accomplishment. 

We have many things to look forward to in March- shearing day, 
getting ready for lambs, and Spring!

How did you endure winter? 

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  1. That is beyond cold Sandra!!! I'm glad you weren't trying to lamb in that too. I wish you well during lambing and a wee bit of warmth! Keep well.

  2. Congrats and Happy Anniversary!

  3. Happy Anniversary - our 30th this past year too. I love all the pictures too!

  4. How did I endure winter? Not very well. This was one of the hardest winters for me to live through. Though we havent had the low temperatures that you have (not even close), I am really getting tired of living the way we are while building our house, which is taking forever!!! Happy Anniversary - 30 years is quite a milestone! Congratulations!


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