Thursday, April 5, 2018

Cold and Wet Lambing Season

We might as well have had lambs in January with the way the weather has been this Spring!

Cold and wet, the worse conditions for lambing.

We have pens set up in the barns, which are full.  As new ones come in, we move the ewes and lambs from smaller pens to the bigger pens. 

So far our lamb count has been 
ram lambs-9
ewe lambs-1 (who was born today)

By the time the winter decides to give up, we may be done with lambing.

How is it going with your Spring babies?

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  1. They are all so cute! I hope you have room in the barn for all of them since it's looking like they will all be there a while. I'm on my last large bale of hay. So I'm hoping for a quick spring pasture green-up. But our lawnmower is in the shop for another 3 weeks, so we're hoping for a slow lawn green-up. Either way we win and lose. My sheep are hating the hay when there are a few little green sprouts to nibble.


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