Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Early Spring Cleaning on the Farm

Days like today, when the sun is out and it hits 50 degrees, you will typically find us outside or in the barn/mill.

In preparation for sheep shearing, I have been cleaning out the barn and mill, sorting through leftover 2017 fleeces. Thankfully, there aren't many, the ones that are left, are being sold for clearance prices. We need to make room for 2018 fleeces- I still can't believe we will be shearing soon!

Lambing is also something we have to look forward to in the coming weeks, we usually see our first lambs at the tail end of March or early April. Organizing the lambing supplies, making sure we have everything we need. I stocked up at the Michigan Sheep Producers symposium, earlier this year, so I think we are good to go.

We had a few of our older ewes tucked away in the barn.  With the warmer weather, they have been moved to the barnyard.  We have one ewe left in the barn, who should be lambing very soon. She is not very happy about the new arrangement and has been a little noisy the last couple of days. I guess Emmet's company isn't good enough.

We are down to just a few round bales in one of the barns. That makes some room to reorganize and have more areas for lambing pens if needed. Round bales stored inside take up so much room, I am glad to have the extra space again.

There has been a lot of rain, and some areas of flooding.  The pastures were really wet, and the sheep looked pretty miserable. We are glad to have a few nice days to help dry things out, and allow us to be able to catch up on a few needed chores.

I am so looking forward to Spring.


  1. Growing up, I would muck out the barn as a stress burner. When I went off to college, I didn't have that stress burner. I remember driving around looking at barns "wishing." Would love a barn tour sometime 😊

    1. I would love an old wood barn with loft :)
      I am grateful to have the barns we have but not quite the same as the hip roof barns.

  2. We just had a load of rain, followed by a few dry days and now the rain is back. I hope it's not going to be like this all year.

  3. Replies
    1. We had quite a bit of snow, about 14 inches. The rain came and now we are dealing with flooding. The rain is suppose to turn back into snow tonight...
      Never know what to expect this time of year!


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