Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The Rams are Ready, Breeding Season

It is the end of October, the temperatures are starting to drop, the rams are restless-time for the ewes to be bred.

The rams will be put with the ewes this coming Saturday , two of our Border Leicester rams have managed to break into the pasture for a short amount of time, so I know we will have a couple of early lambs...but most of the ewes should lamb in late March into April.

We have a new Bluefaced Leicester Ram that we purchased late last Fall, I am excited that we will be able to use him this year.  I think he will add some nice genetics to the flock.


What are we doing to get ready for breeding season? 

We do a check of all of the ewes to make sure they are healthy.

You really need do a hands on check of body condition. You cannot tell, with all of that wool, if they are a little thin by just looking at them. If the ewes show they are a little thin , we can give them some grain for a couple of weeks before breeding, which is referred to as "flushing"

It is a good time to look at hooves, and make sure they do not need trimmed. We are fortunate that our ewes rarely need a trim, but if they do, this is a good time to do it.

Our sheep will be given a dose of dewormer, when we do the body condition check. That is not always needed, but I feel this year, it is.

We will also take the ewe lambs and separate them from the rest of the flock. If they do get bred their first year, it will not be until  later.

I am digging out the Ram Marking Harness, making sure I have crayons/markers to use with them. I like using the Harnesses because I know when and if a ewe has been bred.  With this being the first year with this Tunis Ram, it will be nice to know if he is actually doing what he is supposed to be doing.

The Tunis ewes will be put in the barnyard with the Tunis Ram, and our Border Leicester Ram will be put out on pasture with the Border Leicester ewes. I admit, I miss the days of ONE ram, but with the two breeds, we have opted for two ram. It makes things a little more difficult, but it is manageable.

Only ten more days...hopefully the boys will not cause too much trouble before then!

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