Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Lambing 2017

Lamb Selfie

We had a few holdouts this year which extended our lambing season but I think we are finally done.

We did have a lot of singles this year when compared to years past but they were healthy which is the most important thing.

Lambing was pretty uneventful, but we did have a preemie this year with a first time mom. So tiny, and had to be tube fed for several days. I didn't know if he would make it, but by day 4 he was up and nursing on his own. He is still smaller than everyone else but he is doing great.

Now we get to just sit back and watch the pasture lamb antics!

 photo number2sig_zps2f1f6501.png


  1. Enjoying the lamb antics has to be the best part of sheep farming.
    Have a great week!

  2. We have just finished our lambing season too! I love to sit and watch their antics too, they always fascinate me, especially when the lambs begin to run and jump! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh how fun. They bounce so well :)

  4. Lambs are just so stinking cute. When we have lambs - or baby goats - in the petting area of our zoo, it gives a whole new meaning to "a zoo" OMG the antics of the critters - both four legged and two legged. Even the adults act a little silly around the baby animals.


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