Friday, May 12, 2017

Border Leicester Wool Project; Slippers for Him

After making my slipper socks, I had some Tunis wool yarn left over, and I made a pair of slippers (for me) using some buttons I had purchased a while back.

After making those, I decided to make a pair of slippers, for my better half. Finding a pattern for "masculine" slippers was a little more challenging. After searching on Ravelry, I found one that I thought he would like.

After finding a pattern, I had to go through my stash and see if I could find some yarn that would work. . He likes  "natural colored yarn", so I collected up what I had spun over the last year.  I didn't have enough of one color to do the slippers, so I chose three different yarns. They were all Border Leicester wool yarn, just different shades.

I checked the yarn using my WPI tool,(handy tool to have ) to give me an idea if the yarn was the right weight. It varied a little, but fell within the "worsted" weight category.

I chose the heavier, darker colored yarn for the sole of the slipper, the softer, lighter colored wool for the slipper body, and the third yarn for the ribbed cuff.

This pattern was more difficult than the simple slipper I had did for myself, As I was knitting the first one, I couldn't quite tell how it was going to come together, but it did! It is knit in one piece and seamed together. I know some dislike having to sew the seams, but I don't mind.  I was disappointed when I had him try it on, and the ribbed cuff was too tight! I tried to take it out, so I could fix it, and ended up with a mess, so slipper one was scrapped :(
I searched online for a stretchier bind off, I found one at, Very Pink Knits, it worked great, the next slipper fit just fine.

I am the foot model, they are a little too big, but they fit him just fine :) 

They are super comfy and he loves them! He is what I call "knit worthy"-he appreciates everything I knit for him.

Pattern: Better Dorm Boots for Men

Bind Off Tutorial-Very Pink Knits 

Yarn: Worsted Weight Border Leicester Yarn, Natural Colored.

Looking for the next project....

Any suggestions?

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  1. I love them. Shall I send you a tracing of my foot? My mom used to make us slipper socks when we were young'ins 😊

  2. Love those man slippers. Your yarn is really gorgeous and makes them look earthy and wonderful. I may give the pattern a try. Thank you for including the link to the pattern.

  3. Oh those are beautiful! Wow! What a nice gift. I love the natural yarn, and the contrast of the colors.


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