Monday, January 9, 2017

Pasture Happenings-The New Year

New year on the farm....welcome 2017! 

Things have been pretty quiet around here. Most of the sheep are out on pasture, with the replacement ewe lambs in the barnyard.  We have a few ewes that are due to lamb in January,
 they are being moved to the barn as the temperatures have been in the single digits this past week. 
We could see lambs as early as this week :) 

Delaney took Scout out on a pasture walk, 
the sheep didn't know what to think, as her and her camera are usually alone.
He behaved and once the sheep figured out that he wasn't out there to work,
they went about their business.

As you can see our Romney ewes look like they need their bangs trimmed!
They tend to be our  messy sheep. We really need to buy a round bale hay feeder,
that limits the hay that makes it way into the fleeces. sigh...

We haven't had much snowfall so far- and no, I am not complaining about that. I am perfectly happy with just  few inches here and there.

How are things at your place this winter?

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  1. Your dogs are so pretty. We have snow here too.

  2. Hello Sandra and happy new year! I love your dogs and the sheep too! Wishing you a wonderful week.
    Julie xo


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