Monday, January 23, 2017

Added to the Bookshelf; shepherds of coyote rocks

I have always loved reading and collecting books. I will admit, that I had not done much reading this past year. One of my goals for this year, is to read more.

In January, we attended the MSPA (Michigan Sheep Producers Assn.), and one of the guest speakers was, Cat Urbigkit, a sheep rancher, author, photographer, and LDG breeder. She had a wonderful presentation where she shared her experiences raising sheep out West and using livestock guardian dogs. Afterwards, she had a book signing, where I picked up one of her books. "shepherds of coyote rocks'.

It was the perfect book to start out my 2017 reading challenge. I loved it!  It was very interesting to read about raising sheep out West on public lands, the trials they experience, and the successes they have. Very different than my experiences, raising sheep in Michigan.

 The book was also shares her travels visiting other shepherds in different parts of the world, with some added history about shepherding and using LGD's.

If you have a interest in shepherding, ranching, LGD's, or nature, it may be a good read for you as well.

Anything new on your bookshelf?

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