Monday, November 28, 2016

Blue Butts Mean Lambs

We always have a few winter babies, but most of our lambing is planned for April.
This time of year the ewes have splashes of red, blue or green on their behinds. Quite often, we get asked why.

The rams wear harnesses that have a crayon attached, that mark the ewes when they get bred. They aren't necessary, but they are a handy tool.  They help keep track of expected lambing dates, which rams bred which ewes, and if the ewes get marked a second time (with a different color) we know that they did not take the first time. 

We used five rams this year, too many for this farm. This was our last year using Tunis Rams. 2-3 rams is more than enough for me. I miss the days when we only had one!

I love seeing the blue, red, and green butts. It means lambs are coming....

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