Friday, September 2, 2016

Taking a Vacation Away From the Farm

Taking a family vacation is not always easy when you live on a farm. But, it is something that we think is important, so we make it work.

There are certain times of the year that are not practical for us to be away.  Lambing time being the perfect example (no Spring Breaks for us). Winter has it's challenges with the extra chores that need to be done, That narrows it down to Summer and Fall, when the animals are on pasture and the daily chores are light.

Finding someone to watch the farm is another challenge.

We have paid people to stay here for a week, That has not always worked out for the best. Well meaning friends, who don't know the danger or leaving grain out where the curious goats can find it , etc.

Neighbors, who have some livestock/farm experience is a great option, and one that has worked well for us. We make sure to return the favor.

Right now, we have adult children who live close by, and having grown up on the farm, know exactly what needs to be done. That has been a tremendous blessing when we need (or want) to getaway from the farm.

I am pretty much a homebody, but I do love our yearly vacation and an occasional weekend away. It is doable, it just takes some extra planning.

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  1. Enjoy every minute you deserve it. Hug B

  2. Great post! Necessary to get away sometimes, but also necessary to find 'good help'. How nice that your kids can do it now. ;-)

  3. You are so very right. Timing and trusting someone to watch over things helps it all work out. Enjoy! You and your family deserve it.

  4. Ralph and I were just discussing being tied to our critters. For us at this stage we have no desire to go far...we are lucky that both of us are well traveled in our "former" lives:). However now and then I think of fishing in my favorite trout stream in the Castle Mountains!

    1. I am pretty much a homebody as well...but I do like my trip North, as I have been going there since I was born. If I loved to travel, we would definitely not be raising livestock. :)

  5. Beautiful photos! Hope you enjoy your vacation! Found you on Our Simple Homestead Blog Hop!


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