Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Pasture Happenings

Summer is coming to an end, and with it being a hot and humid one, we didn't get many pasture pics.

The sheep spent their days under the Mulberry trees and we spent a lot of our days indoors!

The pastures seem empty with most of the lambs gone. 

The cooler weather has the grass growing again, and with no lambs nursing, the ewes are getting back into condition for the winter.

The Border Leicesters we bought a couple of months ago have gained some much needed condition.
I love that sheep can do so well on grass, even on mediocre pastures. Turning grass into beautiful wool, how cool is that?

We made the decision to cut back on our Tunis ewes this year, keeping about 12. They are wonderful sheep and we are happy to have them, we are just going to have less than originally planned.

Hard to believe summer is at it's end. It went by so quickly. I love Fall, I am just not a fan of what comes after..

Are you ready for Fall?

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  1. The granddaughter loved looking at your pictures So do I. I'm certainly glad the cooler weather has come back! Never been so happy to see Fall!

  2. Lord, yes, I'm ready for fall! We have to wait about a month longer than most of the country. Thankfully, God made me a patient woman.
    I love the idea of the sheep turning grass into wool. What a fantastic concept!
    They are so lovely and serene looking.
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful outdoor post on this week's Maple Hill Hop!

  3. They look beautiful there in the pastures.

  4. Your sheep are so cutie! Thanks for sharing.
    Feel free to share with us any time on the Homesteader Hop!

  5. Your sheep look great! I am sooo ready for fall...but it just isn't getting here. Sigh...

  6. The catch 22 of fall weather. It is not here yet as it was 90 today. The nights are cooler and the neighbor with Katahdin has his flock in a big filed with no shade now, they had been in a wooded pasture for the worst heat. Take care and enjoy fall!

  7. Always,always love your pasture pictures! These animals are so beautiful!

  8. Sheep are so cool to see. Glad to know that yours are doing well. They share many of the pastures in my area.


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