Monday, August 15, 2016

Survived another Fair

Okay, the title sounds a little dramatic but that is the feeling on the last day of fair. County fair has been part of our summer schedule since our oldest was 10. It is a week filled with morning chores, livestock shows, craft projects etc. all during what always seems to be the hottest week of the summer.  On the last day, I am thinking "whew, glad that is over". The girls, on the other hand, are already planning for next year.

Border Leicester ewe lamb

Delaney's favorite part of fair is the sheep project. She had several sheep in the barn, market project, plus some Border Leicester for the wool sheep classes. 

Did NOT like the wash rack!

Scout looking very pleased with his first place ribbon.

This was the first year that I entered a project in the open class. I took some handspun yarn. I think it was the first time that they seen handspun yarn. The woman who checked me in told me that people bring things made from yarn, not the yarn itself. (she said that more than once). She decided to put it in the "most unusual" category. I told her I didn't think it was that unusual but I was met with a "no one does this anymore".   I am going to have to get more woman from our fiber group to enter next year, they won't know what hit 'em. ;)

Anyone else enter into their county fair?

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  1. Congratulations on winning the ribbons! Grand Champion is not an easy one to walk away with.
    Your homespun is beautiful! Too bad more spinners don't enter the fair. It's not a dead art by any means. ;)

    1. Thanks! In our area, it isn't that hard as there are very few fleeces entered, but we are trying to change that :)
      I agree that it is not a dead art, it just isn't that popular in our area. Hoping that changes :)

  2. Congratulations from me too, Your daughter is a beautiful young lady and the animals are so handsome. I went to your shop to look for the hand woven wool hoping to find small skeins, I only use for trimming on various art and crafting. Since I found none, did I miss it or do you not sell it? The yarn you showed is beautiful and I would like to use home spun on my projects.

    1. Hi,
      Thank you for visiting our online shop.
      I do not have any hand spun for sale. I am still not confident enough in my yarn to offer it for sale at this point. Thank you for your interest!!

  3. That is crazy that they didn't know what to do with yarn - as far as category & judging etc. That would be awesome if there were a dozen or so of you who took different handmade yarns as well as raw fleeces! 4H & fair in general seems to be losing ground in this age of technology. How sad.
    Congrats on all the ribbons. Not sure who looks happier Scout or Delaney:)

    1. haha :) I am sure Delaney...fair week is her favorite week of the year!
      We are trying to introduce some fiber arts into our area. My friend took some needle felted items and did well.


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