Friday, August 19, 2016

Bluefaced Leicester Ram Added to the Farm

Just what we need on the farm, another Ram!

We have added Bluefaced Leicester ewes to our flock, along with a couple of Bluefaced/Border Leicester crosses over the last two years.  I wanted to add more and the most cost effective way for me to do that, is breed what I have to a Bluefaced Leicester ram and grow my flock instead of buying it.

Border Leicesters are my favorite- easy keepers (they pretty much take care of themselves), beautiful fleeces, stylish looks, nice lambs that grow well on grass, all a girl could want in a sheep.

So why add the Bluefaced Leicesters?

The fleece is where you see the biggest difference in the two breeds. The BFL's offer a finer fleece than the Border's do. Who doesn't want variety, especially, when it comes to wool?

I am excited for this addition and I think the two breeds will compliment each other.

We had to think long and hard, if we wanted to add another Ram. Unlike the ewes, they can't just be added to the flock. There are separate housing issues to take into consideration. The guys just do not want to get along! Most likely it means adding more pasture and putting up more fences to house these boys. Stalls in the barn are not my first choice.(more work)

I can't wait to see his lambs next year!

P.S. For some reason, unlike the ewes, all of our rams get a name.  He came with one, but it will need to be changed due to a bad acquaintance, any ideas?

 photo number2sig_zps2f1f6501.png


  1. Oh, I do love those noses!! He has beautiful eyes too!!

  2. This is so you can win the fleece division at fair next year- heehee. Okay now that's just ornery of me😊


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