Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Pasture Happenings-December 1st

Last November we had record breaking snowfall, and cold temps. This year it has been mild. 
Today I was out in town and most people did not have coats on. December 1st and people are still in "sweater weather" mode.
 I will take it! 
I took these pictures after we had our first winter storm.
 The snow lasted less than a week.

I am pretending I do not see that burr in her fleece...

Winter chores are in full swing, 
even with the warmer weather, 
we are still in hay feeding season. 
Round bales again this year, 
which cuts our work down by quite a bit. 
We are still looking for the best round bale, hay feeder, 
that will give us cleaner fleeces. 
If they would only just eat from the round bales, 
the lady like way, instead of diving in head first.

With the warmer weather, the sheep have been doing great.
 I was thinking the ewes that had been shorn, would need to be in the barnyard area by now, but they are still out on pasture. 

A reminder that I need to put up a bird feeder. 

 photo number2sig_zps2f1f6501.png


  1. Thanks for sharing the great sheep photos with us! I can't own one, but I so enjoy about other people sharing their lives with them :-)

    1. Thanks Judy!
      I love seeing pig post...maybe someday I will have some, but until then I enjoy the post from those who do!
      That is why I love reading homesteading blogs!

  2. Could you put a cattle panel around the feeder to make smaller holes? When I had cattle I used to love the lower amount of work with round bles but I hated the waste. A friend made roud bale feeders with an insert, alomost like a feeder in a feeder, the animals had to reach through the first feeder to get to the hay...it did help somewhat. Lovely photos by the way! {I Never Noticed the Burr.....}

    1. We are using a cattle panel now. There is a feeder I would like to get-just pricey. So for now the cattle panel will have to do.

  3. Sigh! I wish I was there! I would even help you with the chores!

  4. We had the sudden snowstorm too! Melted in a week or so. Another inch on the ground this morning but more mild temps for the weekend. I bet the mild temps make going out and doing chores a little easier. Their fur looks so pretty even with a burr or two! :)

    1. This weather is welcome-after the last two winters, this is a nice break!!

  5. Beautiful pictures! I love seeing your sheep. I'm not sure why, but it makes me feel peaceful! Silly, isn't it? Anyway, teach those ladies some manners! :)

    1. Thank you Vickie...:) I don't find it silly at all!

  6. I don't think it would matter what you do with the hay. They have secret meetings when you aren't around a plot their strategies:) I'm pretty sure of it. Have a fabulous day.


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