Monday, October 12, 2015

Spinzilla, My Week of Spinning

Spinzilla is over! It was a busy week, but I did manage to find some spinning time.

Day 1-Leicester Longwool, I could not get the tension right- I dealt with overspun singles..I finally gave up after one skein of 2 ply, and left the other two bobbins single ply.

I decided to spin some Border Leicester, my go to wool! Even with the BL, I was fighting the wheel.
Mike looked the wheel over and made some adjustments. It helped but it still not spinning as well as it should.

This was a white Border Leicester Fleece that was dyed a Cranberry. I love the color and spun up what I had. 

I did manage to get a few hours of spinning in on the last day-Some natural colored Blue Faced Leicester. I love the way BFL spins- I need a few more of these sheep on the farm :)

I had some odds and ends on the bobbins left over after plying. I decided to make a three ply and plan on using them for mug hugs, and other small projects.

I finished with 1, 912 yards- compared to last year's 3,204 it is apparent, I didn't get as much spinning time in ...but it was still down time, that I appreciated. 


  1. What lovely hand-spun yarn you've made. I like the cranberry and cream colors best.
    Have a great week!

    1. thank you!
      The Leicester Longwool (cream/white) is going to be dyed with some Madder Root :) I have been waiting for some light colored skeins to try it out.

  2. See that colour 4th from the left - I'm greeeeeen w/ envy:) It's beautiful. Glad you got some "down time."

    1. :) That is one of the "scrap bobbin" skeins! It will be enough to make some mug hugs or felted coasters!

  3. I love the cranberry colored wool. And the BFL. I want to crochet myself another shawl, but using wool this winter.

    1. Thank you! I am hoping to have enough of the grey and cranberry to use for a poncho. A shawl would be wonderful too!


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