Monday, July 6, 2015

Weaning Lambs...BAAAAAAAA

Consoling themselves with some hay.

The farm  has been noisier than usual.

With the heavy amount of rain in June, we needed to bring everyone in and give them a dose of dewormer. A great time to check everyone over, and separate the lambs that were ready to be weaned.

Weaning time is a noisy business.

The lambs are old enough, we wean at 3-4 months old.

The lambs are big enough, some lift the poor ewes off the ground when nursing.

But even so, they protest! Lots of loud baaing, the first 24 hours. I always feel a little sorry for the lambs. The ewes do not seem to mind as much as they do.

The lambs were kept in the corral this year, so they could see the ewes. After two days, things quieted down. I will keep them separated for about two weeks.

The ewe lambs will be put back on pasture, and the ram lambs will be sold.

We still have some younger, smaller lambs who are still with their mothers, so we will get to do this all over again in another 3-4 weeks.

Just a day in the life, on a sheep farm.

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  1. I always feel so bad for the young ones at weaning time. Is there a reason you don't leave the ewe lambs with the ewes and just separate the ram lambs?

    1. We don't wean until 3-4 months, the lambs are pretty big at this point. I want to make sure the ewes have time to get back into really good condition before breeding season. We have left lambs on the ewes longer, but I find it takes a lot of our ewes, and this has worked better.


    2. That's something I'd not thought of. Glad I asked. We always separate the ram lambs out and leave the ewe lambs with their dams. I think I'll try your way next year.

  2. Ah, the crying of the babies....that is something I will miss with our goats gone now.

  3. You have a bunch of lambs this year, so I bet the noise was really loud. I just hope your house is a ways from the barn so you could get some peace and quiet occasionally. As always, your lambs are beautiful.


  4. Oh I can just imagine the noise. Stressful for everyone but thankfully short lived.


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