Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Tour De Fleece 2015-Handspinning

There is one thing I can say about the fiber community-they know how to have fun.

Right now the Tour De Fleece is going on. I jumped on board, with visions of handspinning bobbins and bobbins full of yarn. I am falling a little short of my goal, but have managed to spin a bit of yarn each day.

Ravelry is filled with pictures of bright, colorful, beautiful yarn. My yarn is a little plain in comparison. I have been spinning natural colored wool  with just a little bit of color thrown in there.

My go to roving-Border Leicester.

Border Leicester dyed Silver Gray Green

Some Blue Faced Leicester  roving I purchased at a Fiber Show. It was my first time spinning BFL and I loved it!

Natural Colored Blue Faced Leicester

Some raw Lincoln wool that I purchased at a Fiber Show It took quite a bit to wash it, but once clean it was picked and carded into roving, I loved spinning it! It has quite a bit of luster, and I am looking forward to dyeing the yarn.

Lincoln, before plied

What is on the bobbin now, is some of the Corriedale cross that was dyed with the Horsetail.

Corriedale Cross dyed with Horsetail

4 more days of spinning left....

A fun project! I was grateful for the down time.

 photo number2sig_zps2f1f6501.png


  1. Oh wow, Sandra, your yarn is really gorgeous. I usually prefer natural colors, but you've got a lovely green there.
    Good luck with the Tour!

    1. Thanks!
      I love the natural colors too :)

  2. That green is my favorite color! Haven't had much of a chance to spin over here (except my head.) I have found that I just make a bunch of lumps if I have other things on my mind so I set it aside for a bit. Am hoping come fall to be able to do more. Yours is beautiful - enjoy.

    1. I know how that is, I get a lot more handspinning done in the cooler months. Summer is so busy.

  3. I'm a fan of natural and muted colors. I think your yarn is fantabulous:)

    1. Thank you Diane, I am a fan of more natural colors too.

  4. Just beautiful! And it all looks so soft!

  5. Just beautiful! I don't own a spinning wheel but do all of my handspinning by hand with spindles of all kinds. Would love to be able to attend some of the fiber festivals. Yes! Fiber folks are fun folks and just downright good folks too!!

    1. I learned how to use a drop spindle this year. I love that can fit in a bag and be taken anywhere :)


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