Wednesday, June 24, 2015

An Afternoon Farm Hand

Wow, it feels like it has been a while...

Between the computer not cooperating, and life being extra busy I have not had much time to post.

Last week we spent part of our afternoon helping a friend with his sheep shearing. This particular sheep farm has a few more sheep than we do (double in numbers), as well as quite a variety of breeds. Mike helped move sheep, and I helped sort wool.

In the past, the shearer took the wool with him to sell. (for hardly anything) Recently, my friend started needle felting, and sees wool in a whole new light.  I helped sort the wool, keeping some of the better fleeces out of the sheep shearers wool bag.

They use the same shearer that we do, but with his bigger flock the shearer bought along a shearing trailer to make the job go easier. Pretty Nifty contraption.

I fell in love with this BFL cross lamb. He is about a week old, and the sweetest little guy.
I LOVE the ears!!

I know they are relieved to have that yearly task checked off of their calendar. I was glad to be able to help a little.

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  1. Oh that is a lot of work it was nice you could help. I would love to see the shearing some day. Hug B

  2. It's nice to get off the farm and see how someone else does the same task. I enjoy visiting my folks or working cattle at Cousin T's. It's less stressful, lol!

  3. Shearing day is always a busy day and then even though I do a rough skirting of the fleeces, I take a lot of time later when it is more convenient for me to skirt my fleeces even more. Since I have quite a few sheep I have decided I can be picky with what I keep and put the rest of the skirted wool into the compost pile.

    I love your wool duvet. I've put aside several sheets of felted wool to make one for us but haven't gotten around to it... now I am inspired to do it BEFORE it gets cold outside.

    Know what you mean about not being able to post because of being busy. With the gardening & livestock every day chores increasing because of them needing so much water , and THEN getting round to regular chores I have had to stop joining blog parties for awhile because I cannot be sure i'll have the time to visit and comment on others blogs. till trying to keep up blogging, it is a good way to remember what we've done and what we're planning on, isn't it ?

    I love your blog, especially since we both keep sheep and use their wool creatively I am often inspired by it. Thank-you.

    1. Thank you for your comments :) they made my day!! I'm hope you link up to the blog hop when you have time! Some weeks I have time to visit other blogs and sometimes I don't. I think it is that way for most.


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