Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Lambing 2015

2015 lambing has ended. We had a higher twinning rate than last year, less bottle babies, and no losses. So other than the mishap with the Tunis ram and some unexpected crosses, it was a great year.

We have a few old girls, that had to have some help raising twins this year.
 They have given us many wonderful lambs through the years.

White lambs are becoming a rarity around here, this year we only had two.
Red lambs and Black lambs dominate the pastures.

We had just one rejected lamb, the rest of the lambs were raised by the dams.
I love good mama's.

I love the Romney crosses, They are soooo cute!

I have to thank Delaney for the pictures. I have been dyeing wool, and working in the mill.
She has been keeping an eye on everyone for me. She is a great shepherdess!

 photo number2sig_zps2f1f6501.png


  1. Beautiful, healthy babies, Sandra. Now just think of how much more wool you will have to work with!


  2. The ears on those red babies are just too cute. (They're all cute, but love those ears.)

  3. What cute lambs! Congratulations on having another lambing season behind you. It sounds like you've been having fun dyeing :-)

  4. It does sound like a great year! They are so sweet.


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