Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Shepherdess Notes-The Unexpected.

"Come what may and love it." Joseph B. Wirthlin

Sometimes unexpected things happen on a farm, even when you spend a good deal of time planning.

We have been lambing for many years and can usually predict when the lambs are going to be born (approximately) and who the Sire (Ram) is.

Well, even the best laid plans go awry, when you have Rams who won't stay put! The Tunis ram was on the loose for a very short time, before he was discovered in the pasture with the ewes. This week we found out, even in that short time he managed to breed some of our Border Leicester ewes.

How do we know? They are about 3 weeks early and Border Leicester's aren't suppose to be red.

Border Leicester ewe and newborn ewe lamb.

Not just one birthing surprise but two....

Twins from Border Leicester Mama.

We are a little disappointed for the mishap, as we are trying to build our Border Leicester Flock,but we are happy that they are healthy lambs. The two red ones are girls and they are little
beauties (at least we think so)

This girl was a twin born yesterday, she has been named Iris.

Expected (even though it was a few week later than planned) one of the two Tunis ewes, we have been waiting on, had a single ram lamb-he is doing well. I took plenty of pictures, but not one of them turned out. He doesn't sit still long enough (imagine that) I think some are born with springs in their hooves.

The other Tunis ewe is showing signs that she will be lambing within the next 24 hours.

Expected, or unexpected you never get bored, raising sheep.

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  1. I agree, the 2 red girls are beautiful... in such a short time, he was a busy Ram...LOL
    Glad all are healthy & so cute

    1. We had 10 lambs in less than 48 hours. I couldn't have planned it that way!

  2. Naughty ram! They are so cute though :-)

  3. What beautiful lambs! I wish I could take one of them home with me :-)

  4. They are so CUTE. This was a good surprise!

    1. They are sweet, and we are glad that they are healthy, even if they are an oops!

  5. Your 'accidents' are beautiful, Sandra. I'm thankful they are healthy. I guess you could say let the lambing begin. (-:


    1. Yes, it has...10 lambs in less than 48 hours!

  6. Oh, my word! They are SO beautiful! Just adorable...those little faces! What a blessing to live on a farm and get to experience God first-hand. Thank you for sharing your lovely words and photos on this blog. This is my first visit. I leave here refreshed. :)

    1. Cheryl, Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment-it is very appreciated :)

  7. Oh I would just love to have a little red lamb! I started cutting the wool on my big fat babydolls last weekend and it is yellow underneath. I would prefer the red : )


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