Tuesday, December 2, 2014

We Have Angora Rabbits on the Farm

We have Rabbits!



They are not mine...

Someone talked her dad into Angora bunnies.

Delaney has wanted Angora rabbits for quite some time, she just had to convince us that it was a good idea.

She is starting out with two, we will see how it goes before adding more.

I think it will be a great opportunity for Delaney to have her own little "fiber" business.

Regan was asked if she wanted one as well, but her response was "no thank you, I don't need the added responsibility." I had to laugh, at such an honest response.

Angora rabbits have "wool" too. So they should fit in pretty well around here.
Did I mention, that I am excited about having some Angora wool to try? 

(When taking pictures, Delaney noted that rabbits are a lot harder to photograph than sheep)

 photo number2sig_zps2f1f6501.png


  1. Oh Angora wool from those rabbits is so very soft. My friend raised them. Good luck to Delaney she is going to want more sometime I am sure of that. Regan is honest and made me laugh. Hug B

  2. Yes, rabbits are VERY hard to photograph! They always seem to be on the move or in the wrong light. Do you know how long it will take to harvest enough fiber to spin?

    1. They are "sheared" every three months. The breeder showed us Della's last clipping and there was more than I expected. There is enough to do some spinning after one clipping. I would probably mix it 50-50 with sheep"s wool before spinning.

  3. That 'stuff' they leave under the cage is perfect for the garden too:) A multipurpose critter. I have thought about getting a bunny just for the benefit of the garden, but I think at the moment I'm with Regan on that one. Maybe at some point...


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