Monday, September 29, 2014

Just Call Me Wildcat, Our New Buck

Life with livestock is never boring!

We purchased a new Oberhasli Buck, he is young and not the most tame goat we ever had.

I always put  newbies in a pen, for a couple of weeks before we introduce them to our other animals.
This guy went into the pen easy enough but decided he didn't want to stay there. He did a jail break in less than two minutes! I was lucky that his break led him into the pasture and not the open yard.

He booked it, out of site. I was thinking, there goes the new buck, never to been seen of again!
Thankfully, he knew what an electric fence was, and instead of going through the exterior fence, he just paced it. 

Not sure what to do next-if we pushed him too hard he might decide the shock of going through the fence was worth getting away from us scary people.  We decided to try to get our goats in his sites, happy to say, that it worked, and we were able to lure him into the corral using Delilah as bait.

We decided it was best to leave him in there with one of the girls. I hope he calms down after a few days.

He did manage to get a new name: Wildcat!

He is a really nice looking buck, and I think we will get some really nice kids from him.

 photo number2sig_zps2f1f6501.png


  1. He is a beautiful young man, Sandra. Hope you can keep him around long enough to breed the girls. After will be interesting to here how long he stays around.


    1. I hope so! I think he will adapt. he is young :)

  2. Hudini, eh? Or is it Fabio heehee Wildcat works too:)

  3. Well he is a dandy. I hope he is tamer than he is acting. Poor guy seems quite confused. He will soon realize it is breeding season.

    1. He is young, and has not been handled much. he does seem to understand the breeding part!

  4. "Life with livestock is never boring!" I hear that. He is a handsome fella. Hug B


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