Sunday, September 21, 2014

First Time Vendor

We had our first experience as a vendor at a Farm Dayz Event in a community, north of us.

It was a really nice event with a lot of demonstrations-sheep shearing, blacksmith, dog herding, milking etc. as well as horse drawn wagon rides, and homemade ice cream.

As far as being a good outlet for wool roving, not so much. The majority,  didn't even know what wool roving was. But, on a good note, I did sell out of my wool dryer balls. (Yay!)  I wasn't even going to bring them along, but ended up being glad that I did, because that was my best seller. I could have sold a lot more if I had them.

I did get a chance to talk to people about Sheep and Wool, which you all know, is one of my favorite topics! 

So, even though we may not use this particular outlet again, I did gain some vendor experience which may be helpful in the future. I also have some wool roving for the Etsy store, so all the work in the mill this week, was not a loss.

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  1. Now those are the coolest thing ever! I have never heard of them and now of course I am emailing the information to Ralph..I have a birthday coming up. I do have a question about roving...well quality of roving. I make braided rag rugs but recently I saw a braided rug made from roving. I cannot imagine using fine wool for a floor rug. Is it possible to get lesser quality roving?

    As to people not knowing what roving is...just another part of the horrible disconnect from agriculture this modern world has produced. Take care and bless your farm.

    1. Fiona,
      I have seen the Rugs made from Roving. There are some sheep's wool that work great for rugs, the courser wools. It isn't necessarily a less quality wool, it is just more suited for rugs.
      Karakul, Lincoln etc. I have been to a mini class where they showed how to make them, they are pretty simple.

  2. Congratulations Sandra it sounds like it was a good start. Love those dryer balls. Hug B

  3. I love my dryer balls. I put a couple drops of essential oils on one of them before throwing them in, and the laundry smells nice. Anything that replaces chemicals is a bonus.
    Sounds like you got to do some educating:) That's good; people need to know where their pretty sweaters, socks, etc. come from.

    1. I have not ever added essentials to the ones I use, but I am going to try Lemongrass!

  4. Congrats on a good day! You may want to try it again. Sometimes you educate people the first year and peak their curiosity and the look for you the next year and then they are ready to buy. Love those dryer balls!


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