Friday, June 20, 2014

2014 Fleeces, Washed!

We have had a lot of rain this week, which is great for indoor projects.  I am happy to say that all of the 2014 Fleeces are now washed.

Border Leicester Fleeces-First Wash

 It was humid, so the fleeces were not drying very fast. I ran out of room, and had to set up some make-shift drying racks. I took over the barn, fleeces everywhere!

Tunis Wool Drying
 Rainy days are good for chick flicks too, so it took some motivation to get me out there, but I am glad I did. Feels great to be able to check something off that, ever growing list.

Border Leicester Wool Drying

P.S. I have a new camera, and I am not sure what setting I had it on, the pictures looked almost wavy, if that makes sense. Time to read the manual!

 photo number2sig_zps2f1f6501.png


  1. Oh I like the pics and wow you are busy they look lovely and white and fluffy perfect to me. Hug B

  2. Do the tunis fleeces keep any of that lovely red color?

    1. Kelly, their wool is an ivory-cream coloring. Only their legs and heads are red.
      Tunis lambs are born with a red undercoat, but the wool comes in cream/ivory.

  3. They seem to almost glow with an inner light, just beautiful!


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