Monday, May 19, 2014

Pasture Happenings

 2014 Lambing season has been over for a few weeks. It was an off year, lambing rate being very low compared to other years, more bottle babies than we have ever had in one year, almost all ram lambs.
The positive, very few losses.

Tunis Ewe Lamb (February Lamb)

Border Leicester Ewe Lam

We are at the time of year, that is the most enjoyable, when raising sheep. Everyone is out on pasture, and we are no longer hauling hay, or breaking up ice in the water barrels.
Everyone has been sheared, the lambing is done, and we get to do a lot of lamb watching, which is one of my favorite pastimes.

Romney/Border Leicester Ram Lamb

Jersey Steers

We moved the Jersey Steers from the barnyard out to pasture. The first one ran right through the gate, the one behind, is a little scaredy cow, it took two days of coaxing to finally get him to go through the gate. I guess it looks pretty intimidating!

We have been keeping our eye on things, making sure they don't harass the sheep. They seem to be more interested in the grass than they are the ewes, so all is well!

In the Spring, the grass grows faster than everyone can keep up. We will most likely have to mow some of it.  Once it gets too long the sheep will not eat it. The steers like the longer grass, but I don't think they will put much of a dent in it.

As the weather warms up, the grass will slow down. Hopefully, by then, we will have some interior fences up, for rotational grazing.

We have been very busy~ But we always make the time to sit back and watch lambs, even if it is just for a few minutes!

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  1. Glad to hear you've been able to slow down a bit and enjoy some lamb watching :) Hope you continue having a great spring!

  2. I absolutely agree with you; Spring is the best time of year, with lambs sproinging and chores a bit lighter. We still need to shear yet, but the nights have been cool here (down to 40). Enjoy your boys and here's to lush pastures all summer!

    1. Thank you!!
      After the horrible winter, I plan on enjoying every day of Spring :)

  3. Glad you get to sit back and lamb gaze, cause that means more pics of those cuties for us to look at! But really, glad that things have slowed down for you, it sure sounded like a busy few months!

    1. I bought a new camera, still trying to figure out how to use it!

  4. Sandra,
    It is a busy time of the year! Hope you are getting caught up on your spring to-do list.

    I love turning cattle or sheep our to summer grass. They are so happy to be out enjoying the wide open spaces. We got our first group of pairs turned out this morning!

    1. Yes, everyone seems to be much happier!

  5. I love all these photos! My grandfather used to farm and these beautiful animals make me so happy!


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