Thursday, May 15, 2014

Our New Lawn Mower

Lawn mowing season is here, and we have too much of it, time consuming and costly (gas)

I decided we were going to have to find some help to keep up with the grass. Didn't take long to find the perfect candidate.

Temporary Fencing

I just needed to make sure he only mows where I want him to, so I purchased some new temporary fencing. A common name for it is ElectroNet, made by Premier. It is a 35 inch tall, electric, portable 164 foot fence.

The Tunis Ram ( Rusty) has been stuck in the barn.  I can't run him with the ewes, and the steers are in the barnyard so he has been in the only place that is left, a stall in the barn.

So this new situation is win-win!
We have a willing participant mowing the lawn (no whining or complaining)
He gets all the grass he can eat.

When we first started with sheep, many moons ago, we didn't have any permanent fencing on the farm. We purchased portable fencing. The sheep were put out for the day and bought in at night. It was a great solution until we had the permanent fence installed.  The ElectroNet was then used to help with rotational grazing. It held up for many years of use.

A good investment!

 photo number2sig_zps2f1f6501.png


  1. I love the idea of portable fence. I need to do that with my chickens maybe.

  2. :) I suspect he may fertilize the lawn a bit, too!

  3. I have one of the horses mowing a portion of my lawn as well :-)

  4. LOL, what a great new natural lawn mower! :)

  5. nothing better than natural sure to keep the grass trimmed well
    come see us at

  6. I will have to remember this fencing for the future!

    I'd love to have a goat lawnmower some day, but I'm really surprised by how well our 4 chickens are doing the job in the backyard! ha ha

  7. Hey... too bad we don't love closer because I would love to borrow your lawnmower! :) But, just between you and me, I'll bet there is still a little bit of gas involved there somewhere. ;)

  8. I may have to borrow him! lol...

  9. Not only will he mow your lawn, he will fertilize it too! Good idea!


  10. I have two of those and they really do work! I didn't know any kind of elec fence would work for sheep. News to me.

    1. All of our fencing here is electric. A good charger and ground rods is a must.


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