Friday, April 11, 2014

Shepherdess Notes: Lambing Part 2

The word  to describe Lambing 2014-"inconvenient"

Sunny, warm, not lambs.
Rainy, cold, swamped, exhausted...lambs!
That basically describes how the last week has went on the farm.

The ewes have handled it much better than I have. Mike and I were both sick for over a week. I just wanted to sleep!  I may have been able to if the weather had cooperated, but with the freezing rain we had and the colder temps I was outside doing barn checks every hour.

We have quite a few first timers and sometimes they are just clueless and need more help figuring things out.
We also have more "seasoned" ewes.  They are great moms, but this winter was hard on them, and lambing just made it harder. They pulled through, but not without some extra TLC. We are supplementing some of their lambs with bottles.

Yesterday we gave shots, docked tails and put the first group of lambs in the barnyard.
That is always a sight to watch.  Ewes trying to identify her lambs, lambs calling out for their moms. Everyone running around as if  the sky if falling. It takes about 15 minutes for them to realize that the only thing that has changed is their surroundings.

We have had a rough start, but overall it has went well. Our lambing rate is lower than I would like-about 148 Percent. But we haven't had any losses yet, so that is a big plus.

About half of the ewes have lambed. The weather is improving along with our health so this next week should go much smoother. 

And speaking of lambing, Delaney just came in from feeding hay and said a ewe in is labor..
Gotta Go!

Have a Great Weekend!!

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  1. Oh it sounds just like calving here I am not sure if it was the winter or not but we have had no losses as of yet and have 11 the cows seem to be forgetting which calf belongs to them. I think they have a little frostbite on their brain. Confusing times. I am so happy you are half done. I am almost half four more to go till then, at three a day that should be quick. Take care. Hug B

  2. It HAS been a crazy year so far, but your lambs look great and it's finally spring-ing :-).

  3. Oh the dear things.. Love love your pics.. xo

  4. You have the cutest lambs! Hope you are feeling better and life gets a little easier.
    Kathi at Oak Hill Homestead

  5. Oh I just can't imagine being sick during this intense time. Yay for no losses! They are all so beautiful!


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