Monday, April 28, 2014

A Rogue Llama

Our weekend  consisted of a crazy llama!

I came home to find a llama walking around the yard. That's a sight you don't see everyday.
She was interested in the sheep and was pacing the fence line. I had seen this llama before, in someones hay field a few weeks ago.  Mike thought he had seen this llama down the road at a distant neighbors. I decided to go and check with them to see if they were missing a llama.
They were missing one, but it wasn't actually their llama, it had shown up at their place on April Fools Day.  She was living behind their place for several weeks. She said that the owners were contacted but after several failed attempts at catching her, the llama remained free and seemed to like living in the field behind their house, eating their hay and grain that they kept for their sheep.

Well, I guess the llama had decided to look for greener pastures, because she had made her way down to our place! She took down my number and said she would try to contact the owners.

I came home to find that the llama had decided she was tired of watching the sheep from the other side of the fence. She was in with my sheep and was chasing them all over the place. I thought maybe after a couple of minutes of excitement everyone would settle down, but she was clearly having too much fun and continued to chase the sheep up and down the pastures. I opened up the barnyard gate and managed to get my frantic sheep in the enclosed area.

It didn't take long before the llama decided that she didn't like having the pastures all to herself. She cleared the fence without much effort and commenced chasing the sheep around the barnyard. That was worse.  I opened up the gate, and the sheep ran back out in the pasture and continued to be chased by this llama!

One old ewe finally collapsed from all of the excitement. Okay, I had enough!
I called animal control-no answer-. I called the Sheriff's office and they said that they knew about this llama, the State Police had tried catching her just the week before.
They sent out some officers and contacted the owners.

By the time the officers showed up the llama had taken notice of the horses next door and was occupied with watching them.

To make a long story short, the llama jumped over the fence, into the neighbors yard. The llama owners showed up and chased her around the neighbors yard.
Llama jumped over the fence and was back in our pastures.
Owners came, chased her around our field.
We managed to get the llama in a stall.
10 seconds later she cleared the 5 foot gate with no problems and ran down the road.
Police left. Llama owners left.

1/2 hour later, owners came back and asked Mike if he would help them get the llama home.
She had been captured and was being held up in a neighbors coop.
Mike hooked up the trailer and helped them get the llama home.

I am not sure what the ending will be for that llama. It is obvious she cannot be contained by a fence.
The owners had purchased her at an auction, and after having her one day she escaped! She had been running the countryside for almost a month!

Many people keep llamas as protection for their sheep. I have never really considered it, and after my exposure to this llama, I can safely say, I never will!

And if for some reason, I did change my mind, I can honestly say, I would NEVER  pick one up at a livestock auction!

Livestock auctions are not the best place to pick up stock! There is usually a reason people take their animals to an auction to be sold. There is a good chance you will be buying someone else's problems.

We still have a couple of ewes that have not lambed yet. After all of that excitement , I expected to see some babies, but we are still waiting...

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  1. Exciting weekend, sounds like that Llama has been having a great time pretending it's wild :) Look at all that fir it's shedding too.

  2. Holy cow!!! Or, I guess, llama... ;-).

  3. That does sound crazy, Sandra. Glad the llama got captured and returned to the rightful owners. There is always some kind of excitement on the farm.

    Several ranchers have llamas as guard animals around here. They are ok, but guard dogs are preferred. Rumor has it you can only have one. Two llamas tend to lay around and not do much.

    My Mom has a 1/2 llama 1/2 alpaca guard animal. Daisy does an ok job most of the time.

    1. I would like to get dogs, eventually. We would like to use the land across the road, but know that they will need predator protection over there.

  4. I'm new to your blog, but oh my goodness gracious!!! I don't have sheep anymore, but I do believe I would have considered using one of my horse tranquilizers on that lovely visitor... it can't escape if it's asleep... but that might have caused problems with your neighbors, I don't know...

    Good luck with your expected new arrivals (the lambs). :-D

    1. The owners were asking about tranquilizer guns, no one had one.
      I just wanted her gone, don't mess with my sheep! LOL

  5. Oh Sandra this story reminds me of the 3 Limo, 2 were bulls I have three proofs of that now this calving time. They broke into our pasture and stayed for over a month because the owners had bought them and put them on a pasture without any knowledge of these animals. I know most people sell their problem animals at a sales barn. Buyer beware indeed. Oh yes and I think some people should not raise animals in my case at least. When we finally had them round up their bulls they shipped them to a Sales Barn I felt sorry for the animals. Poor Llama. Sorry that had to be a horribly hard day for you. Hug B

    1. I will admit, I didn't have much pity for the llama at the time, but when they were talking about shooting her, I was not for that. I am glad she was caught, but she will need to live somewhere with extremely tall fences!!

  6. That just cracked me up. I could just picture her jumping back and forth and people chasing her all around. I know it probably wasn't funny to all of you involved at the time, but it is entertaining. In all seriousness thought I know rogue animals mixed in with your sheep or whatever ones animals is not a good thing. I will keep in mind the warning of buying from auctions.

    1. Ann,
      It is always funny after the fact. We can laugh about it now :)

  7. Wow that was an exciting day! My sister in law owns llamas but I don't think she has problems with them jumping fences. What a story!

    1. I am sure there are some well behaved llamas, this just wasn't one of them!


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