Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Farm Life: Unedited Version

Poop is a part of farm life! Not my favorite part, I might add. But it is a reality.

When we first moved out here we couldn't wait to add some animals to our farm. After adding just a few we realized animal poop aka manure is a part of farm life.  When we were thinking of farm names Mike always joked about calling it "Poopy Boots Farm".  It might have been funny, if it wasn't so true. It does take some getting used to.

Normally, the sheep live out on pasture so we don't have pens to clean. With  some lambs being born  in February, extra Rams, and with the bitter cold weather we have had sheep in the barn. We are going to have quite a mess to clean up in the Spring! I am not looking forward to it.
Sheep manure really packs down so shovels won't cut it.We are going to have to use the tractor to get it cleaned out.
On a side note sheep poop doesn't stink, at least not as much as their farm counterparts the chicken and the cow. Just another reason to like sheep.

On a positive note, we will have plenty to add to a compost pile for the raised beds this year.

I am not much of a gardening expert but there are a lot of resources online that share the benefits of sheep manure in the garden. This article being one-

Benefits of Sheep Manure

I still  prefer when they can stay out on pasture and fertilize the fields without any help from me but I am trying to remain positive about all of the extra work this winter has created.

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  1. Well at least the sheep poop doesn't stink! That's a big plus. After several years I am finally used to chicken poop now, even being pooped on many times by chickens who like to fly up on my shoulders haha.

    1. :) Ha, it is amazing what we can get use to!!

  2. Manure is definitely part of farm life. I just think of it as chopped up grass. Glad it doesn't make your barn smell :)

  3. "Poopy Boots Farm" made me snort. While accurate, it isn't the most picturesque name for a farm. I buy sheep manure for my little garden plot every year. Yes, I am glad I stopped by. I needed a giggle. :-)

  4. My Husband always wants to refer to my Sister's place as Rolling Pebbles Farm. Sheep manure is really good for gardens.

    1. Rolling Pebbles sounds nicer than Poopy Boots :)

  5. Lol...what a great post!! Sheep manure is high in demand around here!

  6. I liked this post!:) Keepin' it real!:)

  7. Too funny Sandra. I thought all poop stunk! At least you have the good kind. lol


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