Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Pastures are Empty

Pastures are empty...
Ewes tucked away behind the barn.

Camera was fogging up on Delaney as she was taking pictures, Love it! 

The ladies were moved into the barnyard today, so they can get some windbreak from the winter storm.  We started getting the snow today, predicted to get up to 18 inches. Tomorrow the cold weather, rumor has it that it could drop down to 40 below with the wind chill!  

The goats are in the barn along with the ewe lambs. Now all we can do is wait and see how much snow will fall, and how cold it will get. I am hoping they are a little off in their weather forecast.

Thankfully we have a well stocked pantry, the stores were packed with people and the shelves were being emptied! Our neighbor said she ended up just leaving the store empty handed.

There are some who are happy about the storm,  the kids who were suppose to return to school tomorrow from their long Christmas break.

Stay safe and warm everyone!! 



  1. I'm hearing a lot about folks getting blizzard conditions. As much as I enjoy snow, I am glad we aren't going to get a blizzard :) We are supposed to read 4* tomorrow morning and that is plenty cold for us here in NC! Stay warm :)

    1. I heard they are getting the cold in the South. My aunt lives in GA, she is telling us all to contain ourselves in the North, she doesn't want us sharing our cold weather :)
      Stay Warm!

  2. We don't have the snow you're getting here, I think just this cold is bad enough! I'm glad you're prepared. Stay safe and warm!

  3. Hope you get through the storm safe and warm. Snow makes a lot of extra work out of our everyday chores.

    We are having extreme cold and wind too. Not fun.

  4. Oh I do hope the windbreak helps.

    1. The wind isn't cooperating. We opened up the barn. It is very, very cold!


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