Friday, November 22, 2013

Troublemaker of the Flock

No more hauling water.
No more worrying about sheep escaping.
No more worrying about coyotes having access to our pastures.
No get the idea!

One of my biggest worries when we lose power is the safety of the sheep.  Without electricity, the electric fence isn't much of a barrier.

We don't lose power often, but this one lasted four days! Four days of worrying at night that something was going to figure out the fences were off and invite themselves to our ewes!

The sheep usually don't bother with the fence. Goats, we had several breakouts when the fence was off, that is expected.

We did have one ewe surprise us, our black ewe lamb. We found her on the other side of the fence a couple of times. She has now been labeled the "troublemaker" of the flock! She has always looked a little sassy!

I almost feel sorry for her now that the fence is back on, knowing she is going to get quite a surprise when she decides to venture out again.

I am looking into Solar Chargers to see if that would work as a back up for the next time...

 photo number2sig_zps2f1f6501.png


  1. We use a solar charger in the summer and it's great but in the winter we get too much shade from the trees around us. We are looking into a charger that runs off of a marine/lawnmower battery that can be recharged for the winter.

  2. At least she looks good while she's causing trouble. Pretty little lamb!

  3. I'm glad to hear that your worries are over. A back up fencing plan sounds like a really good idea.

  4. you never realize what folks or farmers go through when you lose power. i am happy things are back to the norm. great views. happy weekend. ( :

  5. Ha ha! We have a troublemaker too. She a young goat who is constantly jumping the fence.

  6. Glad you got the power back on, Sandra. There will always be some for of troublemaker!

  7. Glad you all (sheep included) got through the outage ok! Did your power go out because of storms? She might be a "troublemaker" but she sure is beautiful!

    1. Yes, we lost power from the wind. We did not have any of the tornadoes that they had south of us. Crazy weather for November.

  8. I'm glad your electric is back on and you won't have to worry as much! :)

  9. That would be a worry to have the electric fence off. I'm glad to hear that all of the sheep are well. She does look a bit sassy, doesn't she?

  10. I never thought about an electric fence. We were just as concerned about keeping unwanted critters out. Do you have a dog? That was a great help.


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