Friday, November 1, 2013

Pasture Happenings

It has been pouring rain the last few days! Thankfully the temperatures were on the warmer side so we didn't have to try to get everyone in the barnyard for cover.


The Rams are still impatiently waiting to be put in with the ewes. That should happen tomorrow, one day off schedule, due to the weather. We go from feeling bad for the Rams for being locked up to feeling badly for the ewes being chased all over the pasture!

Still working on a plan on where to put everyone.

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

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  1. Oh that rain has been steady here and it is cooling off I am sure you will get it done. Take care Great shots. B

  2. It's pouring here in Nova Scotia too. I mean driving, pouring rain plus wind. I hope it clears for the rams' sake tomorrow.
    I love your brown faced ewes. Beautiful!

  3. I'm glad it was at least a little warmer during all your rain. It just chills me to the bone when it's cold and rainy outside! Hope you had a good weekend :)


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