Monday, November 4, 2013

Happy Sheep

Emmet is a happy Ram today. He has been in the pasture with the ewes since Saturday.
We sorted ewes, lambs, and Rams and  put everyone where they belong for the next few weeks.

As you can see it was muddy, but we got everything set up and everyone moved. We still have some improvements to make with our corral system, but compared to years past , moving sheep has become a lot easier with just the few additional pieces of equipment. I had the camera and was planning on taking pictures of our sorting gate etc., but once we got to work, I completely forgot!

In case you are wondering, Emmet is wearing a ram harness.  The harness has a blue crayon block and we can write down when the ewes have been bred. In about 17 days I will put in a red crayon, that way I can see if anyone was marked again and I can adjust the lambing date.

The Tunis ewes are in the barnyard with the Tunis Ram, he is wearing a green marker.  We don't use the ram harnesses every year but with different rams and so many more ewes, it will help us keep track of things a little better.

Max is the only unhappy sheep right now, he was put in the barn, away from all of the ewes. I do not plan on using him this year.
I am the unhappy shepherdess, because my shoulder has been sore all weekend from him not wanting to be moved into the barn and doing his best to take us for a ride!  I am not a fan of big, ornery rams right now!

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  1. I hope you are feeling better soon. That's no fun dealing with an angry ram. Poor guy. I feel sorry for him though. I love Emmet. My favorite color wof wool. I wish you luck and lots of beautiful healthy lambs next spring!

    1. Kris,
      I have no pity for Max today :) He deserves to be in time out! ha ha
      I am loving Emmet, he his such a gentleman and he is a beautiful Ram. I hope he stays on the nice side! Ornery Rams are no fun!

  2. Oh Sandra I love learning more about raising Sheep something i always wanted to do but now getting too old to want to change things around:) I will keep living that dream through your posts:) Hug B

    1. Buttons, I love hearing about your cows! So I guess we learn from each other :)

  3. Have I told you before that I love your sheep.. grin.. xo

  4. Glad to hear your sheep work is going well. There is always something to move, rearrange, fix or improve.

    My Mom is leery about rams too. One of her current rams is simply mean. Hope your shoulder feels better.

    1. Thanks Robyn,
      Max is the worst Ram we have ever had, the largest Ram too. He can have his good days, but breeding season doesn't bring the best out in any Ram!


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