Thursday, October 17, 2013

This Pretty Much Sums it Up!

This photo pretty much sums up how I am feeling today. 40's and Rain! It was bound to happen sooner or later...

A big case of the blah's!

I could fire up the wood stove, for the first time this season, to warm things up or I could put on another pair of socks and double up on the sweaters...

Decisions, Decisions....

 photo number2sig_zps2f1f6501.png


  1. I started my woodstove now I am melting with the window open and my fleece socks cast aside but apparently it will cool down tonight so I am ready. Blah:) B

  2. That is a great picture. I will send you some virtual spring sunshine :-)

  3. Sandra,
    We have not fired up the corn/pellet stove yet. It gets a bit chilly, but a blanket and warm dog seem to keep me happy in the evening.

    Today was a damp, cool, gray type of day. It rained last night too. The Rancher and I went around the winter pasture fence. I got cold right before we went in for dinner. I am known for wearing many layers.

    Hope you get some nice autumn temps.

  4. It was blah here yesterday - rain, cloud cover etc. Today should be better.

  5. Haha! You made my morning with that picture and caption. I'm still smiling. :-) I hope you have a better day today. We've had several fires, it's been so damp and cool. Then yesterday it was so mild I had to use the personal fan all morning! Weird.

  6. Oh that is so funny and makes me laugh..
    Hope your weekend is better.. God bless..


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