Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pasture Happenings

Our Internet was down this past week. I think it may have been a mixed blessing! We spent more time outdoors, and I got quite a bit of knitting done. I never knew how long it would take to make one simple scarf, I am still working on it!
Fall is upon us- the leaves are falling, the grasses are dying out, and the Rams will be with the ewes soon.
We decided not to shear the ewes this fall. When we missed the September window we thought it was best to hold off until March. We wanted to shear twice this year, but I was too worried about the ewes not having enough cover coming into winter if we shear this late.

Like Mother, Like Daughter

A lot of the ewes seem to have a wild look about them these days, the leaves keep find their way on  the sheep or maybe it is the other way around!.

Delaney goes out almost every day to take pictures. The landscape changes a little each day. The sheep are use to her bringing treats, they follow her around like the pied piper. She has realized, sometimes it is best to leave the treats behind!

I am waiting for them to come and take away our natural, privacy fence. The beans are gone, the corn is next. One more sign that Fall is here.

Are you enjoying Fall?

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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  1. Glad you are enjoying fall. The leaves have been reluctant to turn here.

  2. You have such lovely sheep!

  3. They sure look ready for winter with their heavy coats! We lost our natural fence last week. I almost forgot how far we can see!

  4. Yes, we are having a lovely Fall.. Your sheep are the dearest things.. Love the pics of them.. xo

  5. Sometimes no internet is a needed thing:) Love the photos they are so darn cute. I am loving knitting I understand it now. hug B

    1. It was nice being "unplugged" I think we needed it around here!

  6. Yes, I love fall! I really enjoy how each ewe's looks shows a different personality, and they are sooo sweet. I've been crocheting dish cloths.

  7. Sandra,
    I hope you can get some pictures of Delaney the Shepherd. How fun for her to be discovering activities that she enjoys.

    When we were out of electricity we used our phones for internet access. We didn't turn the computer of for days. We lived!

    Today was a beautiful fall day. Sounds like Sunday will be nice as well. They are talking snow on Monday. Not a lot of snow, but still.


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