Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pear Sauce

Pears have taken over our kitchen.  We had our first batch ripen up.  A lot of the fruit was on the small size, and the thought of peeling all of those pears had a lot to do with my decision to try sauce.

I really enjoy canning. But, I must confess, that if there is a tool out there that makes the job easier, and I will use it enough to justify the cost,  I will buy it!

The first year I decided to make applesauce I purchased a fruit strainer for my Kitchen Aid.
I LOVE it, and It has gotten plenty of use over the years. I have never used it with pears and was concerned that it may clog up after I read that some people had problems running pears through their strainers. But I am happy to report that it worked great and we got our first batch of sauce done.

Wash and quarter the pears.
Place the pears in boiling water to soften them, so they can go through the strainer.
(I put my pears in cheesecloth and tie if off, so I can easily set them in the water and remove them when they are ready. I have used a strainer as well but the cheesecloth can hold more pears at one time.)

After the pears cool down, they get put through the strainer That job goes quickly. The girls usually take care of this step!

The sauce gets put in a pot. At this point you can add sugar if desired. I added about a tablespoon of cinnamon (for 7 quarts sauce) I stir and heat up the sauce.


Place the sauce in canning jars and process. I used a Water Bath and processed for the recommended time for applesauce which is 20 minutes for quarts, for our altitude.

If you are new to canning there are plenty of resources to get information. I would recommend this canning site that cover the basics of canning.

For canning fruits:

I had an extra quart of sauce and thought I would make fruit leather. Well, kitchen mishaps happen, maybe next time...

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  1. It looks like your sauce turned out great! Sure will taste good this winter.

  2. It looks great. I've never tried pear sauce but I have a few pear trees getting bigger every year. A good use for undersized or damaged ones :)

  3. This looks good! Peaches are my favourite fresh eating fruit, but PEARS win in my books for best tasting canned fruit. The part of your kitchenaid that you call a strainer we would call a grinder where I live. There's no point to that comment except I find the nuances of our language so interesting. :0)

    1. Sue, the attachment is a grinder. You can buy the strainer attachment that works with the grinder to strain fruit and vegetables. :) I love all the Kitchen Aid attachments :)

  4. Huh, I never even knew the Kitchen Aid had that attachment available. I have a vintage kitchen aid - wonder if it would still work on mine (mine belonged to my grandmother - works great!)

    1. Lisa, I would check. The attachments are great. Your vintage one will probably hold out longer than my newer one! :)

  5. Yay for finding attachements that you like and enjoy. If it makes works and your life easier go for it!

    I never thought of pear sauce before; sounds tasty.

  6. That really looks good. I love pears. I have 3 trees and there are actually a few pears on 2 of them! Thanks for the recipe. I hope to get some pears and make this.

  7. This sounds really delicious! I've never had pear sauce before, only applesauce. Yummy! I'm all for helpful gadgets in the kitchen as well.

  8. Pear sauce, huh what do you use on? I love pears, and would love to see some of you recipes with it in the future. Thanks for sharing on Real Food Fridays, and please come back and share some of your recipes with pear sauce.

    1. Joyce,
      My kids eat it like Applesauce! It taste great.
      I made Pear Butter with it and fruit roll ups (dehydrator)

  9. That looks yummy! I've never had pear sauce but it would be a nice change from applesauce, I'm sure.

  10. I've never had pear sauce either and it sounds delicious. Thanks for sharing :)


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