Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Livestock Auction, Amish Community

September is here and that means it was time for our annual trip to the Topeka Livestock Auction to drop off lambs and kids. Kids as in goat kids, wouldn't want anyone to get the wrong idea!

Topeka has a large population of Amish, which means more buggies on the road than cars, white houses and barns, bicycles, and bonnets.

 It also means a trip to E&S sales (bulk food store) which is in the neighboring town of Shipshewana.  We are able to purchase a lot of food items that we cannot buy locally.

Today we found some grains; Spelt, Quinoa, Barley, and Kamut. I also buy Cheese in bulk, which I later shred and freeze. Spices are found there at a huge savings, and we never leave the store without browsing the candy aisle!

The girls favorite Aisle

Since it is a trip we have to make I am glad that it has some interesting shops, and some scenic views.

Anyone else live by an Amish Community?

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  1. I've been to a bulk store in Shipshewana. I wonder it's the same store that you visited. We shop at similar Amish bulk stores in Holmes County Ohio too. I love the deals there on organic butter, meats and cheeses too.

    1. Kristina, Probably the same one. E&S Sales.

  2. We stayed in this area a few years ago when the hubby was working nearby. Lots of great food. Last winter we were in the heart of Amish country in middle Illinois. The bulk stores are the best. I really stocked up before we went home.

    1. Hi Liz
      I'm from Illinois , and really don't know where is that. Please can you share that information with me, I'm really interesting in it .
      Thank you, Iryna

  3. Is this Topeka Kansas. I lived in Kansas and never know there was a Amish community. I would love to see an Amish community.

  4. That store looks awesome! I've visited a similar one in an Amish community in Southern Illinois. It's great to buy things in bulk when you can!

  5. I live by an Amish community and I just love it! They have a big store where we can buy a lot of things to stock up on. We have quite a large community of Amish here in Southwestern Ohio.

  6. Hi Mary
    I'm looking for Amish community's , and if that possible to got from you any information how to got there.
    Thank you,Iryna


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