Thursday, September 12, 2013

We Love Our Natural Colored Sheep

Delaney has been studying a 4-H, Sheep Resource Book for Market and Breeding Projects.

I noticed that they had a section on wool.  I love reading about wool, so I browsed through the information they offered.  It list all of the reasons why we should love wool, such as
- elastic
- holds shape and will regain shape even after stretching
- resist wrinkling and sagging
- is absorbent
- great insulator.
-strong fiber.

A great list! I could even add a few more..
-eco friendly
-renewable resource
-hypo allergenic

Then they list the  reject conditions for wool which include: Seedy and Chaffy wool, Burry wool, wool with manure tags, tender wool, and colored wool. 

It is true that natural colored (any color but white) wool is not desirable in the wool markets (co-op and wool pools) because it cannot be dyed. But here at Mitten State Sheep & Wool,  we love our natural colored sheep and their curly locks.  We do not sell our wool through the standard  markets. We sell our wool to Fiber Enthusiast, who like us, love natural colored wool (which is anything but white) and all it has to offer.

Just one of the many differences between the commerical wool industry and the cottage wool industry.

(We love our white sheep too)



  1. so, black, white and everything in between. Love them ALL!!!!!!!!

    1. I agree! I am excited to see how the Tunis wool spins.

  2. Sheep are cute in all colors. :)

    1. That is true! So many variations. I grew up thinking sheep were white! Never had a clue they come in all sorts of colors.

  3. Your sheep are beautiful, Sandra, and such a lovely, full range of colours. I noticed in the photo of the ewe with her lamb that the moms do not discriminate because of colour either! ;-)

    p.s. I just noticed my blog button in your side bar. Thank-you!

    1. Your welcome Sue :)
      We have had ewes have twins, one black and one white.

  4. Oh I think HAPPY wool is the best wool and I can see your sheep are very happy:) B

  5. I love colored sheep. Especially brown. And your sheep are all so pretty. All of them!

    1. Kris,

      Thanks. I have had some Romney's in the past that were more brown. Very pretty coloring.

  6. Sandra, Your second picture is so fun!

    After attending the Iowa Sheep Industry Association Lamb and Wool Festival last June I can attest that the fiber industry is alive and kicking. I had no clue that there were so many people interested in fiber spinning, weaving, dying and more.

    I think it is exciting that you have a niche wool market and love sheep!

    1. Robyn,
      Thanks! I love the Fiber Festivals. So many talented people. It is amazing the things they create with fiber!!

  7. Hi Sandra,

    Your sheep are just beautiful! We had one black sheep many years ago before we got started with goats. I named her....Fern.

    I know the varied colors of wool you have make wonderful, richly colored yarn. Good for you!

    Thanks for sharing,


  8. I had no idea that black wool color is actually discriminated against in the market! Boo. Thanks for teaching me something new and thank you for being a regular contributor at The Clever Chicks Blog Hop weekly! I'll be featuring your beautiful black sheep on this coming week's hop, so please feel free to grab a featured button!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick

  9. We spent two years in Iceland many years ago. They knit sweaters from the colored wool instead of dying it. I love your colored sheep. :-)
    Kathi @

  10. Sandra, your black sheep, ALL your sheep are beautiful! I adore the many shades of russet and mocha and charcoal and ebony and ivory and everything . . . It's all wonderful! Do you sell direct, and if so, do you do smaller quantities? (I'm not able to process a whole fleece in my tiny, studio apt.). I'm particularly interested in curly locks - have just started felting, and am so eager to do a wonderful cobweb felted scarf with natural lock trim. Thanks so much!

  11. I have always been fond of black sheep. I'm a bit of one myself ;-)


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