Thursday, July 25, 2013

Pasture Happenings *Weekly Dose*

Yes, I am friendly, will follow you around and like my head scratched!
Romney/Corriedale Ewe

The weather has been cooler this week so we decided to move everyone around. The new ewes went out to pasture and they seem to be fitting in quite nicely.

We went out today and I had to go to three areas in the  pasture to get pictures. I have three mini flocks now. Hopefully, they will eventually make friends and become one flock.

You can see the new sheep are no Spring chickens! The older Tunis ewe is the only one that we went to purchase, but somehow the Romney ewes ended up in the trailer and hitched a ride as well.


The lambs are starting to not look so much like lambs anymore. They will be separated from the ewes in the very near future. The ladies need a break. The lambs are still nursing and about lift the ewes right off the ground when they are eating!

The goats were eating dinner in the Stinging Nettles. Delaney would like to know how they can dive right in  and eat them with getting the "sting".  Ouch!

The barnyard has temporary bachelor pad status. Max and Archimedes are not happy about that. They are just going to have to make due, no winter babies here!

Please do me a favor and don't pay any mind to that overgrown pasture that we have NOT gotten around to mowing.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. I just love the color of your new ewes. And I would LOVE to have a nettle patch like you have. Do you not use it? I love that stuff.

  2. Kris, Until I seen blog post like yours about nettles I never thought to use it!
    It was all over the pasture when we first moved here. I didn't know what it was until I walked through it once. Ouch! Mike asked me what I was thinking! I didn't know what nettles were, city girl that I was :)
    Over the years, the goats have cleaned it up. We have a few places left.

  3. Everyone looks healthy and happy in your pastures. I'm dreaming of the day when we are ready to introduce small livestock onto our property. We own a little less than an acre and a half and I was excited to discover that there are toggenburg minis, and that there is a hand pump available for milking small goats! That means we're one step closer to the dream.

    1. I didn't know they had Mini Toggs..I bet they are adorable.
      I have seen the hand pumps though. I heard they work really well!

  4. Oh I love seeing your goats. Do they eat thistle we used to have goats but I forget. Our pasture is full of thistle this year possibly because of the drought last year. Do I need goats and sheep:) B

    1. They do eat some but we still have too much in our pasture.
      Sheep and goats are always a good idea though :)

  5. Replies
    1. thanks,
      The girls love that she is so friendly!

  6. Oh, you get such wonderful sheep shots! Here, overgrown pastures would be too much to hope for!
    Goats....must have goats!

    1. thank you! My daughter gets most of the photo credit :) She always ends up getting better shots than I do!

  7. They look adorable. Looks like they have plenty of food. I would love to have pastures like that.

  8. Wow, those lambs sure have grown! Love the first pic. I can almost feel that wooly cute face!


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