Friday, July 19, 2013

Pasture Happenings *Weekly Dose*

Lucky Day...Fallen Tree Branches

It has been a hot one this week!  We have been busy playing catch up, that is what happens when you go on vacation for a week. To bad the lawn didn't take a vacation as well.

We have new Sheep that need to go out in pasture but are still in the barnyard,  Max (Ram) and Archimedes (Buck) are still out in pasture and need to get moved to the barnyard. We have a couple of Tunis ewes , and a few Border Leicester lambs that need to get separated so the girls can get serious about getting ready for fair.

We decided to wait until next week when the weather cools down. It is too hot to be moving everyone around. When you move sheep you have to move them all. You can't go out there and handpick one or two unless they have the notion to walk right up to you and let you put a halter on them and then cooperate with you all the way to the barn! Not likely...

Delaney managed to get a few pictures this week. They haven't been moving around much. They stay in the shady spots and come up in the evening for water.

Follow the Leader

Trying to Stay Cool

It hasn't rained in a week. The sheep have been under the Mulberry Trees and hiding out in the rock pile to stay cool,  so they are looking dirty.

Here's to cooler weather in the coming days!
I hope you all enjoy your weekend!

 photo number2sig_zps2f1f6501.png


  1. Great farm shots. Ugh it does need to cool down.

    1. Thank you Lisa,
      The weather is perfect today :)!!

  2. Hot and dry here too. It had to happen eventually!

    1. I agree!
      I am happy that today we are getting a break from the heat!

  3. Oh I often think of the wool coats the sheep wear and the leather coats my cows wear. This heat has been nasty. Happy you have a hot mechanic too:) Great shots. Welcome back from vacation. B

    1. They say the wool is suppose to help keep them cool as well. But I don't know if the black sheep are convinced of that. :)

  4. Love all your animals! On a hot day, I'm not sure there would be anything nicer than laying down under a Mulberry Tree...I think your sheep are on the right track :-)

  5. Sandra, I've discovered that it doesn't take a very long absence to fall behind in blogland or the mowing. :-) I'm loving your farmgirl eye candy today. Thank you so much for sharing.


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