Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pasture Happenings- *Weekly Dose*

I went out this morning and was greeted with the sound of  a distressed lamb. They were all in the far corner of the pasture so I couldn't see what was going on. I made my way out, trying to find the lamb making all of the noise. What I was greeted with was this guy lounging under a tree. He was making so much racket, I just assumed that something must be terribly wrong. Nope, just wanted his mom to come and  join  him so he didn't have to move from his comfortable spot!  I ruined the plot by  making my presence known...guess he wasn't too lame to get up and go find his mom.

The goats were in the rock pile, a rock pile that has been added to for I don't know how many years. I am assuming since they started farming this place over 100 years ago.
It is not a big surprise it is one of the goats favorite hang outs.

I can almost reach.....

Our pastures are overgrown. The really long grass that has seed headed out is a grass they do not find palatable. I keep telling myself I need to get out there and mow it but that hasn't happened yet!

I have been enjoying every minute of  the near perfect weather we have been enjoying this week.

I hope you all have a great weekend!
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  1. Oh our pasture is full of grass that our cows do not like either it is raining and growing to fast for them to keep up, so different than last year. Haying will be a challenge.
    LOVE the photos. B

  2. Glad he was okay!

    We have not cut hay yet, but need to.

  3. *sigh* What lovely pictures. It looks so peaceful. Except for the bleating lamb which I cannot hear so it's still peaceful to me. Are those togs? I used to have 2 toggenburg does. How I loved them. xoxo

    p.s. I subscribed by mail a couple of days ago :-)

    1. Thanks :)
      Yes, I have two Toggenburg Does.
      We have raised quite a few different dairy breeds and the Toggenburg have been one of my favorites!

  4. I like your pasture pictures this week, Sandra! Glad to hear you are getting some good weather.

    We are getting some more nice rains and sunshine. It is so nice to see green with growing grass and crops.

  5. Sandra, that is so funny about the lamb in distress. I'll hear one of mine doing that and run out there to rescue it, just to find it laying down calling it's mother too. What is up with this lazy generation anyway?

    And I LOVE the picture of the 2 shaded goats reaching for the leaves. It's so cool. You should make it into a framed picture. Great shot. I miss my Toggenburg doe a lot. She was half lamancha but looked all Togg except for her els ears. She was a mess, that one. Never could drink her milk. But I miss her.

    1. Kris,
      Ha Ha. They sure can worry you for nothing!

  6. I want to thank all of you for stopping by!
    I appreciate all of your comments!

  7. Nice pictures - it all looks so serene and pastoral! I would love to sit on one of those rocks for a while and just watch and listen. Wonderful. Have a great week. Vickie

  8. Lovely photos. Thanks for sharing with us at the HomeAcre Hop. Hope you can stop by again this week:


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