Thursday, June 6, 2013

Pasture Happenings (weekly dose)

They are in "graze" mode so it was hard to get any pictures this morning. Sheep graze 9-11 hours a day,  so we catch them in this pose a lot.

I am not out there for long before the Tunis notice, here comes the welcoming party now...

The sheep can't keep up with the grass so it needs mowed. It will slow down when the weather gets warmer but I think we could do with a few more sheep!

I always think Senior Pictures when I get a tree pose :)

Yelling for mom...

Sophie keeps me company. She has picked up some white fuzzy stuff that is floating around the pasture.

The weather was just about perfect this week and it looks like  we are in for a great weekend!

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  1. Oh Sandra I would love to be romping in your field taking photos of those lovely little sheep and the horse. It is pouring rain here which is supposed to continue all weekend. Our hay will be late this year:) B

  2. Love the sheep - maybe you do need a few more? ;-)

  3. I vote for more sheep!
    I love it when the critters come to greet me.

  4. Loving your welcoming committee! :)

  5. haha....more sheep. You'll be asking yourself what you were thinking come January. But they're so dang adorable, how are you supposed to resist?

  6. I love all your farm pictures:) Just the thing to make this "Wanna be" country girl smile:)) And yes...more sheep:)

  7. Loved loved your pics.. Sheep are such a favorite of mine..
    There just is not anything so lovely as a farm..
    God bless..

  8. thank you all for stopping by!
    I vote for more sheep too :)

  9. How did I miss this post? I love your pasture pictures!


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