Saturday, June 29, 2013

Favorite Blossoms

Common Orange Lily

These are a very common flower in our area. You see them everywhere in the country along the roadsides. We have used them in our yard along the barn and in areas we want quick cover.

I learned something today while I was online looking up it's official name. We grew up calling these Tiger Lilies, from what I see online they are called a Common Orange Lily and are not a Tiger Lily.  You learn something new everyday!

They are one of my favorites. I know they may be viewed by some as more of a weed than a flower but I love them!  I remember my dad coming home after a long day at work carrying in a bouquet he had picked from the roadside, bringing in some of that summer sunshine to our dinner table.
So maybe it is for Nostalgic reasons that we have these flowers as part of our landscape and they always bring a smile to my face.

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  1. I love these day lillies mixed with Queen Anne's Lace. So pretty in a bouquet. I have lots of these lillies along with other colors. They are a very welcome sight right now!

  2. Oh I love the Tiger Lilly yes we have them scattered on the roadsides in Canada too. B


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