Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Naughty List

 Max has definitely made his way to the Naughty list!

We have him hid a couple of years and the farm we bought him from said he was a "big baby". Well I have a different opinion of Max, I think he is a "big bully"

Yesterday was no exception. I was out trying to get ewes and lambs behind the barn due to the cold rain we were getting, I wanted them to have some protection overnight. Everyone came in including Max. There were three ewes that had not come in so I left the gate open and walked out to the pasture to see if I could coerce them in.
Next thing I know I am face down on the ground....I knew instantly that Max followed me back out. No one else around here plows into your backside like that!

I quickly got up and there he was waiting for another round! I of course started yelling and smacking him trying to deter him. I did find a stick and after a few seconds of me ranting and raving he must have decided there was easier prey to be found and walked away...looking back to make sure I wasn't following him!
If anyone had been watching I am sure they would have thought the scene hysterical. Me-wet and muddy chasing a 200 plus pound Ram around with a stick yelling "You want a piece of me??"

I survived- just a bruised bottom and  ego....

I am not sure what to do with this guy.  I know Rams can be dangerous, some have to even be hooded and kept in confinement all the time. I always said I would not have a Ram like that around here.
We have had three Rams and all of them had their "moments" I have been head butted by all of them on a couple occasions but this guy is the worse!

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  1. Oh be careful I had a few run ins with cows and it is dangerous for sure. Be safe. B

  2. My rule here has become "If it ain't safe for the farmer, the bully goes!" and we have had to rehome two animals because of it. Be careful!

  3. Your post made me laugh, just trying to visualize you with that stick and screaming "You want a piece of me?" But seriously, I am glad you are okay.

  4. Wow, you were pretty lucky there, Sandra. He's sneaky too. Rams like that don't need to be around kids for sure. First ram I ever had was a Romonov. With 2 huge horns that wound around his head. He was good for the longest time. I guess ignorance IS bliss. But one day, I was out feeding the sheep. I saw him backing up and didn't know what he was doing. Til he reared up and came right at my stomach! He knocked the breath out of me, then came back for another hit. Talk about pissed off about then. I was. I had a pan that I had the feed in. I used it on his head, but it didn't do a thing. I did get out of the yard. And wouldn't go back in there unless he was way at the other end of the pasture. My chicken coop was in there. I finally had to get one of the electric cattle prods and carried it with me. Finally got rid of him. He was too scary. He could actually have killed a child. And my son-in-law went it there one time to see what he'd do to him. Jason weighs about 250 pounds. That little ram picked his stupid butt up off the ground. 2 times! Jason didn't go back in there again. I think he really hurt Jason's pride more than anything. Didn't mean to go on like this. But rams can be mean! Be careful. If he stays, get a cattle prod. And use it. But you might consider getting him a new home.

  5. At the homesteading class I just attended, the teacher showed us the hide from an unruly Ram! She said she finally had enough of him being the bully.

  6. He is getting worse the older he gets.
    Not sure what we will do but letting him free range with everyone is looking like less of an option. I do not want to have to worry about him everytime one of us is out in the field.


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