Thursday, April 18, 2013

New Doe Kid and Mothering Instinct

We had a new doe kid this evening. Delaney was going out to bring everyone in for the night and found this little girl by the fence. It was obvious who had just given birth, Soapapilla, which was a big surprise. I didn't expect her to have kids. We got her a couple of years ago and she has never kidded for us. We knew she had kidded for her previous owners but couldn't figure out why she had not kidded here.

I am not sure if she had her kids taken away at birth at her previous homestead but she definitely comes across as clueless!
She acted like she didn't even realize that she gave birth and though she isn't aggressive toward her doe kid she acts indifferent. We bought them both inside and put them in a stall, the girls helped dry her off since she was very wet. (Born in a torrential downpour) She is very active and very interested in nursing.

We tried to get Soapapilla to let her nurse but she did the typical kicking, walking away, I am not interested behavior. We gave her some grain and while she was eating I was able to get the doe to nurse. We will go out in a couple of hours and do it again.  If  Soapapilla doesn't get a clue after being stalled with her baby, and having been coerced to nurse,  we will have a bottle fed goat and a Doe that needs milked twice a day. I know that is typical for some Dairy Goats, but not mine.

Mothering instinct, some have it and some just plain don't.
I am not sure why some bond with their kids or lambs and some act like they didn't even notice they gave birth.

Some are fierce mothers who would challenge a threatening dog to protect her young and others barely take care of their babies. We tend to be pretty impatient with those who will not take care of their own. I really don't have time to do their job for them. Sometimes if there are extenuating circumstances, we will give the Doe/Ewe a second year to prove themselves but normally, if they do not have good mothering instincts, we do not  keep them.

We care about our sheep and goats but they are livestock, not pets, typically! Unfortunately, Soapapilla is more of a pet. If she wasn't, we wouldn't have kept her after her second year of not kidding for us. We will have to wait and see how this all turns out. I know what I am hoping for... Some mothering instinct to kick in!

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  1. What a pretty little girl! I hope her mommy decides to love her.

  2. Well I know a little about bottle feeding:) yes it is a job I probably would not choose and they become very pet like after all that bonding time. :) Good luck. B

  3. I know what you mean. I do not like bottle feeding kids at all. I had to with 2 bucks back in Feb. but thankfully sold them soon after. I sure hope she accepts that cute little kid soon.

  4. Wel the girls are feeding her a bottle! Mom is not interested at all. But at least she can supply the milk!


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