Thursday, April 4, 2013

April 4th is the Day

We have babies! Unfortunately, I am feeling under the weather. The girls were such a help. They did everything that needed done! Thank goodness for my farm girls! I did manage to go out for a few minutes and get some pictures. I was not able to get really good ones. You would think being just a few hours old they would stay still but they were all over the place. Here is one of the Ram Lambs. His brother wouldn't stay still long enough for me to get a good shot.
The little doe kid was born earlier this morning when it was still cold. We had to bring her in to get her warmed up. The girls were able to take her back out to the barn a few hours later. Thankfully, the mom didn't have any problems accepting her. She is a small little girl from one of our young does. She had us a little worried for a while. She seems to be fine now.
Yes, I will grow into these ears!

Oberhasli/Toggenburg Doe Kid
Congratulations to Lana for winning the contest with the closest kidding date and Tami Brown for guessing the Lambing date for 2013!


  1. So CUTE they are! I can't see my post on the contest post. I know i got the date right, but not sure if i got the sex/colors right. So there were 2 boys and a girl? brown, blonde and what is the 3rd? i know those aren't the correct colors to call them, but i'm a city girl, can't remember the lingo :) Good job girls taking care of the new babys when your mom was sick! I hope we can bring the boys up to visit them this summer! hope they stay little for a while till we can visit!

  2. They are so darn adorable! Glad to hear all went well. And glad you had the girls for help.


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