Saturday, April 20, 2013

Accepted After All

Soapapilla is just full of surprises. First, with a doe kid (now named Sophie) which we didn' t expect.
I mentioned that she was indifferent and was not letting her kid nurse so the girls started feeding her bottles, which she readily accepted.  So our first bottle baby this year, or so I thought...

Today, Regan came in and said that Soapapilla was letting Sophie eat. It took her two days but she decided she wanted to be a mother after all. Happy Day! Yes, I am thrilled that she is taking care of her baby and we do not have to.

Oh, and did I mention that Sophie is an absolute sweetheart :)

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  1. Well, that's great news! Good for her.

  2. What a relief! Bogo is getting his last bottle this morning. He may be a tad young to be weaned, but he's eating grass, hay and grain, and drinking from a bucket. I'm sick to death of buying whole milk for a free goat.


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